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Kle Zemer (St. Petersburg) — Jewish traditional music ensemble. The band was founded in 1992 and for many years is affiliated with the Jewish Community Center of St. Petersburg. Award winner of Solomon Michoels International Jewish Folk Music Contest (Moscow, 1999) and Leonid Sonts Jewish Music Competition (Kazan, 2002, 2003), participant of Klezfest London international festival (2004), as well as all annual festivals Klezfest St. Petersburg (1997–2007). At present the band includes: Ilya Gindin — clarinet, Maria Gribkova — violin, and Evgeny Khazdan — piano. Since 2006, Kle Zemer collaborates with Gregory Yakerson, the chief-cantor of the St. Petersburg Great Choral Synagogue. The result of this collaboration is the band's first CD that was released in 2007.