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Lorin Sklamberg (New York) — vocalist, accordionist, leader of the klezmer group "The Klezmatics". The unique voice of Lorin Sklamberg can be heard on more than thirty CDs, earning worldwide awards for Jewish spiritual music including Nigunium (1998) and The Zmiros Project (2001). more >>  
Deborah Strauss and Jeff Warschauer (New York) — are two of the most astonishing and popular performers and teachers in the international klezmer and Yiddish music scene. more >>  
Efim Chorny and Susanne Ghergus (Kishinev) — performers of Yiddish songs, founders of Kishinev-based Theater of Jewish Song, soloists of the "Klezmer Alliance" group (Germany-Moldova-Great Britain). more >>  
Timur Fishel (Tallinn) — vocalist, performer of Yiddish and Russian songs, Yiddish teacher at the Jewish Community of Estonia.  
Anastasia Georgievskaya (St. Petersburg) — singer, founder and artistic director of Zmiros vocal ensemble.  
Maria Tseytlina (St. Petersburg) — vocalist, teacher of Yiddish song at the Jewish Community Center of St. Petersburg  
Gennady Fomin (Kharkov) — clarinetist, composer, arranger, one of the founders of the "Kharkov Klezmer Band" group. more >>  
Alexey Rozov (Moscow) — violinist, arranger, founder and leader of Retro Dance Band, soloist of Yosef Kapelye.  
Ilya Sheiveiss (Riga) — accordion player, founder and leader of Forshpil — the only klezmer band in Latvia.  
Zoe Christiansen (Vermont, USA) — clarinet and saxophone player, participant of the Inner Fire District band.  
Psoy Korolenko (Moscow) — junior philologist, bodysinger and modern skomorokh. more >>  
Dobranoch (St. Petersburg) — Balkan/Klezmer/Oriental world music orchestra. This international band consists of musicians from Russia, Moldova and Lebanon and plays music inspired by traditions of these countries. more >>  
Kle Zemer (St. Petersburg) — Jewish traditional music ensemble. The band was founded in 1992 and for many years is affiliated with the Jewish Community Center of St. Petersburg. more >>