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Lisa Gutkin (New York) — fiddler/composer. Her varied musical palette has led to collaborations with a wide array of artists both in the United States and Europe, the founding with Greg Anderson of the 'Downtown Celtic' group, Whirligig, and most recently to her joining The Klezmatics...  more >>
Michael Alpert (New York) — One of the pioneers of the "Klezmer Rennaisance," a wave of increased interest in the music of Eastern European Jews during the 1970s and 1980s in the West, chiefly in the U.S. The klezmer group Alpert founded, "Brave Old World," has performed throughout the world for many years...  more >>
Lorin Sklamberg (New York) — vocalist, accordionist, leader of the klezmer group "The Klezmatics". The unique voice of Lorin Sklamberg can be heard on more than thirty CDs, earning worldwide awards for Jewish spiritual music including Nigunium (1998) and The Zmiros Project (2001).  more >>
Arkady Gendler (Zaporozhye) — author and singer of Yiddish songs. Arkady Gendler is unique in the former Soviet Union as a Yiddish teacher in a public school.  
Valery Dymshits (St. Petersburg) — doctor of sciences, ethnographer, collector of folklore, director of the "St. Petersburg Judaica" center.  
Efim Chorny and Susanne Ghergus (Kishinev) — performers of Yiddish songs, founders of Kishinev-based Theater of Jewish Song, soloists of the "Klezmer Alliance" group (Germany-Moldova-Great Britain)...  more >>
Gennady Fomin (Kharkov) — clarinetist, composer, arranger, one of the founders of the "Kharkov Klezmer Band" group. Bright representative of the "post-Soviet klezmer school," that was developed at the end of the 20th century, master of traditional klezmer style, Gennady Fomin appeared on stages of many European countries, USA, and Canada.